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Diwali dress and trends 2021-Diwali trend 2021

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Welcome people, today we will talk about Diwali dress and trends 2021. Diwali is festival of lights but that’s not enough it is combination of dresses , jewellery , make up , home décor , footwear etc . It simply brings lots of enthusiasm and positivity in everyone’s life . The preparation of Diwali festival starts from 2 months earlier from diwali. Ladies brings new dresses and new items for themselves as well as for their kids too.

There are lots and lots of things to talk about when it comes to Diwali . Diwali festival is celebrated from past so many years but with change of time there are so many changes in trends of Diwali too.

Lets know more about changing trends of Diwali in 2021 –


Diwali dresses trend 2021 

Changes take place at every small things whether it is about decor or dress . From past few years traditional dresses are more demanding on any festival season especially on diwali as it consists pooja activity and rangoli making activie too .This year also this trend is going to be followed this year too but with different spice. Indo western dresses are purely designed for festival seasons .Some cool trending dresses to wear this diwali season are here –

Lengha style plazo –

This would prove to be an absolutely right idea to attend this diwali with this beautiful combination of plazo with long jacket ( shrug ) and matched crop top . Any colour can be selected because every colour can work when comes to festival (bright ,dark ,faded etc ) . The whole combined outfit gives you decent look. The dress can be floral printed or some specifically on demand . The perfectly carried lengha like plazo would be the best option for this festival .

  • Ruffle saree –

Ruffle  saree is something that is turning highly demanding . It can be worn on any special day . Wearing it on diwali can be a good idea . It shows the latest trend and some traditional look too. It gives you grace that is actually required on every festival . There are tons of colours available in this outfit as already said any colour can be picked in this outfit too . Clicking pictures and posting them on social media is also one of the important work so, wearing trendy dresses can enhance your social media confidence too .

There are so many other beautiful dresses that can be worn on diwali . The most trending ones are indo western that are already mentioned above . Some more trends can be followed –

  1. shirt combined with cotton lengha
  2. Dhoti style combined with crop top and jacket (OPTIONAL)
  3. Saree style combined with pants
  4. Centred slit kurti with cotton lengha
  5. Plain cute gown

Diwali footwear trend 2021 

The most suggested footwear for diwali festival is heels. As the most worn dresses are going to be indo western or traditional . so , the most best combination of these dresses are with heels . no matter about your height whether it is tall or short you should definitely go for heels . It simply helps to make you and your outfit more graceful . It helps in the completing the outfit. It is not compulsory to wear the matching heels with your outfit . Sometimes it just looks little childish . You can simply go for the plain black or choose the most hidden colour from your fit . Do not prefer high heels if your are not comfortable or familiar with them . block heels or flatform ( height is slightly up but is flat )can be best option in this case . They look simply cute a gives you a pretty look for your festive.

Flats can also choose if you want more comfort or planned to travel more . Many flat such as ballet flat too looks good .

Diwali Jewellery trend 2021 

Some pieces of jewellery are always welcomed in diwali season . jewellery always add stars to your beauty looks. The tradition of wearing these accessories might be many years old but the trend keeps on changing with changing time . There are many jewellery ideas waiting for you to adore yourself with these beautiful accessories . lets have a look on your 2021 trendy diwali season jewellery –


Pendant is the very first thing strikes our mind when talking about neck piece in any occasion. The heavy neck is not the trend being followed . going light and simple is the new trend. Pendant can be one of the best light weighted jewellery that can be carried on festive season . If you have combined your outfit with some fresh trendy look then the pendant with play the role of best friend of your fit . The chain can be of any shiny colour including silver, golden, black etc . The matching pendant can be of bigger size if the neck line of the dress is bit deep. Otherwise small and cute pendant for the daily neckline. The most trendy pendant includes the plain cute small ring , bit bigger moon shaped and the combination of 3 to 4 chains joined at the end with small pendants.

  • Bead neck piece –

It is the other most trending neck piece that can be combined with any festival dress . They looks simple and classy at the same time. It gives beautiful attractive look to your whole outfit. Many colours can be picked keeping in mind to your dress’s colour . The bead neck piece neither is expensive nor it steals your time to select . This piece is definitely going to complete your diwali outfit. There are many options available ,you can choose the plain single lined neck piece or can choose the heavier which might contains 5 to 6 six lines . This will make you look super trendy and nice .

  • Set of hair pins –

You can tie up your hairs with some braid hairstyle and then decorate it with some cute small attractive hair pins. These are suitable if you wish to skip your neck piece then your hairs clips can work on it. If you don’t wish to wear neck piece or think about comfort then hair clips are best choice for the diwali occasion .

There are many more jewellery accessories that you can choose for your self and rock this diwali . These are as follows –

  1. Nose pin(bigger size)

  2. Down fall chains

  3. Bigger size glossy round earrings ( can choose any other shape too diamond, square, star etc )

  4. Complete jewellery set ( including earrings and neck piece )

  5. Bracelets

As the trend of diwali changes it too includes the changes that takes place on the home decor .To lighten up your diwali festival we have collected some diwali home decor ideas too. These are as follows-

  1. Rangoli with flowers and diyas –

Rangoli is one of the main activities of diwali that make girls and ladies crazy . Diwali trend 2021 is obviously incomplete without rangoli making activity . These  Decorating the rangoli with rangoli colours is some thing that is being followed from past many years. As trends keeps on changing the beautiful flowers and diyas can also accompany the colours. It would be an absolutely amazing combination . flowers are always considered to be a good fortune when it comes to a festival. Whereas diyas are always the main symbol of diwali . diwali festival is incomplete without lighting diyas . Beautiful coloured diyas and flowers will play exiting role in your diwali rangoli making .You can choose different coloured flowers and designs to rock .

  • Hanging ball lamp-

It is the forever thing .hanging ball lamp can be the best idea ever to light up your diwali eve . Set of three or four lamps would look much better than hanging them separately . There are many coloured lamps available or can be made at home very easily using some thread and balloon .After diwali also these lamps would be a better option to make it as part of your home decor .These can be hung at the corner of two walls. Trust me ,You wont regret it .

  • star shaped lights –

Diwali trends 2021 has brought many exciting changes. During diwali week there’s an every year trend to decorate your outer area of house that is specifically balcony or the front side of your house especially with the lights. Now the trend is still there but with different style that is instead of normal lighting you can go for the star shaped lights .These can be also replaced by diya designed lights . The combination of the star shaped lights and the normal lights can also be entertained .These lights are going viral from past one year and this year too this is super trending and can help you to make your house look unique . As the outsiders also watch the front side of your house so this is the best opportunity for you to mark the impression .

There are many more ideas too to make your house look good and trendy . But these are highly demanded .some ideas are listed below-

  1. light up the diyas on every steps of stairs . Further these can also be decorated with some cute flowers kept aside of these diyas just to make it more pretty .

  2. Doors can be decorated with flowers malas .

  3. Handmade wall decors with paper or thread .

  4. Lights can be stored into some transparent glass pot and lighten up . It can be kept aside one some table or near the plant pot.

  5. Keep the theme of some decided colour and change tour room settings according to that colour example by changing the curtains and decorating it with some thing .

  6. Place the huge glass container that is bit deep and filled with water . now we can place some water friendly (flowing on water ) diyas and rose petals.

Green diwali –

The most important diwali trends 2021 is green diwali . Due to increase in pollution people are giving up the idea to light up the sky through crackers . No doubt these very pretty but at the same it plays very dangerous role by creating noise and air pollution .Instead of burning crackers people plant trees and take a move towards our mother earth . We would insist everyone to give up this idea and involve yourself in the beauty and purity of this festival .

Diwali is one of the most enjoyable festival that brings joy in everyone’s heart and a new spirit to live with positivity .Thats why we brought these special results for you .These are some collection of trendy things in which you can make changes and make your diwali super special.

Thank you:)

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