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Formal Dresses for Women – Formal Dresses for women 2021

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We have a collection of formal dresses for women for you. Bored of shirts and pants in office? Are you struggling for different formal looks ?  if yes then this blog is going to prove to be a life saver for you .

If  you think there are only shirts and pants that could make your look formal then you are absolutely wrong !!

Formal or official dresses are simply meant for formal events such as some official meetings or everyday office look . formal dresses gives us opportunity to outshine our personality . they even gives you confidence and generates a positivity and self faith. As we all know that the shirt and pants are most common outfits visible. Lets introduce the other some cool and decent formal look to turn your boring shirts and pants into something fresh .

1.Pencil skirt –

Pencil skirts are basically the skirts which are slim and fitted skirts that gives a decent look . Pencil skirt can either be worn with some dress suits or some other piece of cloth . The best use of this pencil skirt would be with shirt ( shiny white or peach colour ) .This outfit would definitely enhance your confidence and become plus point for your personality . This skirt comes in different lengths some are over the knee and some are longer too . Both looks elegant and should given a chance to be in your wardrobe.



Formal Dresses for women

2. shirt like top-

This option would be better than anything else could be. This is basically top-designed to look like a shirt. This would give you relief from hooking up the buttons and save your time. This definitely gives you an official look. Further, there are various designs in the same pattern ( shirt style). If accompanied with the pencil skirt the overall outfit would come out to be one of the best combinations. otherwise can be combined with plain dark-colored pants.

3. Blazer with skirt

This outfit would definitely melt your heart. This outfit loudly speaks about your profession. If you are the lady boss of your office then this is exactly what meant for you. This is basically a 3 piece set that contains a plain white shirt, a basket, upper blazer accompanied with a cute pencil skirt. overall outfit represents a business tycoon. By wearing this dress to some important meeting it would leave a positive impact on the meeting organizers. This outfit can make your day if accompanied by belly heels.

4.Blazer with pants –

This is also an alternative if you didn’t like above combination of blazer with skirt then you must go for the blazer with pants. This is also an 3 piece dress a plain shirt , a basket and a upper blazer accompanied with a pants. This outfit can be selected for the best meeting days to increase faith on yourself. To make your outfit more special it can be combined with black glasses and small classy handbag . A women looks perfectly elegant once dressed.

5. Slim fit one piece dress –

A slim fit one piece dress would be a best option if you want diversification in your daily office life.  This is from the best of formal dresses for women 2021. Many decent dresses are available and can be prove to your best buddy on your important days . plain black one piece dress with full sleeves ( or half ) would be perfect . Different lengths are available that can be over the knees or above too . Further this can be combined with the coloured blazer ( darker shades – red , green , blue) . A small hand bag can be carried to complete the look .

6. Black and white check top

The black and white check top is the top that provides you satisfactory overall look on any normal office day . The full sleeves fitted top would look more decent than the half one . The bottoms can be the over the knee fitted black skirt or the black plants .  The dress would be easily available online. The check pattern can come in various designs . The most trending black and white check is the broad blocks . The straight hairs can become a good luck tried with this outfit . The small purse carried would be nice option for the completion of the look .

7. A line dresses –

A line dresses are one of the best when it comes to comfort and look formal too . They are not too revealed and look elegant as well . When it comes to A line dresses there are tons of patterns available . This actually can be carried anywhere whether you travel from auto , cab , office cab etc . All the dresses can be combined with the thin belt to enhance your look . Further for your footwear you can definitely go for the heels ( BLOCK OR PENCIL) . There are many other prints but the print that looks better for the office look can include darker shades such as brown , merganta , black, green etc .

8.Fitted classy jumpsuit

You might be thinking that this is an absolutely wrong idea to proceed with but trust me guys this dress is going to rock your important meeting .When it comes to jumpsuit very printed and bright colours strikes to our mind but surprises are always waiting for you . Jumpsuits with good stretchy cloth with darker shades such as black , blue looks perfect formally . Broad belt accompanied would make this fit more classy. The bottoms should be purely like pants . The idea wont go wrong in any case .Your wardrobe is waiting for this dress .

9.Peplum dress /top

Peplum dress / top is highly trending and can be worn officially too. The peplum top can be perfectly joined with the pencil skirt .If combined with skirt length lower than knee then it wont look that good. It is advised to wear the skirt that it above the knee . The combination of the top and skirt gives the same result as the dress is going to give you . So it does not really matters that you are going with dress or top .Peplum dresses combined with some strap watch would look pretty .

10.T shirts with Blazer

T shirts mostly sound informal but if tried then it wont let you down . T shirts worn below blazer looks super formal . Bottoms should be carefully monitored .Either the matched pants should be choose or skirt  can also be entertained .This combination would look more nice if accompanied with  the high heels and some plain hair do .

Tips for formal dresses for women and other office essentials –

1 always try to replace your jeans with pants .especially in summer times jeans may make you a bit uncomfortable and cause sweat too. In this case, pants play a better role and even they look formal too.

2. Always choose your footwear wisely. Heels can be a good option. No matter you are tall or short. (don’t wear heels while driving activa ).

3. Nails should be wisely trimmed. If nail paint is applied then it should be of lighter color like green, grey, blue, etc ( all lighter shades ). If applied then it should be maintained otherwise don’t apply.

4. You should not be too revealing like a strap top, off the shoulder, etc . Look cool and classy.

5. Some accessories watches, cute bracelets, manageable rings can be worn.

Carry yourself like a confident lady.

Thank you 🙂



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