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Indian traditional dresses


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India is a diversified country. India is famous for its gorgeous Indian traditional dresses. Every state had its own traditions and culture. India is famous for its traditional customs, ethical values, historic places, etc.  When a girl dresses in beautiful Indian attire she looks most attractive and gorgeous.

There are many dresses that have originated from India. Many different types of cloth material are used for making dresses such as cotton, silk, velvet, chiffon, satin, lace or net fabric, etc . cotton and silk are woven into various designs.

Some traditional dresses are given below – 


saree is basically a combination of three clothes i.e a lower plain skirt that is also called PETICOT in India tied from the waist. A 4 to 5-meter long cloth is used for covering the lower body that is used for wrapping above that skirt (petticoat) and some 6 to 7 plates are made in the middle and the rest leftover piece of cloth is converted into plates and tied over the shoulder. Then it has an upper crop top called a blouse. It gives the main look to the saree and helps to make the saree more glamorous.

This is the basic saree-wearing method. Now with changing time there are a lot more stunning different kinds of look, some have western look, some with a royal look, and some with a formal look too. 

Let’s look at some of the different kinds of sarees and know more about them – 

1 banarasi saree from varanasi –

 It is one of the most famous sarees from India . earlier city varanasi was called banaras through this the name of this saree originated that is”banarasi” saree . it is famous for its royal look . This traditional saree is made with lot of hardwork and creativity . it is highly demanded in weddings . It used to take more than one year to complete one saree as its detailing was done with real gold and silver threads . This is also one of the important reason that is sign of royalty.

2 Chikankari saree from lucknow –

This saree comes in different patterns and designs . It is known for its hand embroidery pattern on high quality fabric . It proved out to be one of the best saree . It looks very elegant and are best for functions . When a girl adores herself wearing this beautiful saree she can steal the attention easily . Women can carry this saree with respect to their ages . suppose a young lady can carry chikankari saree with a cut sleeves blouse . if she is aged then she can carry it with elbow sleeves to give a stunning outfit .

3 Net sarees –

Net sarees are super flexible sarees that can be mould by you according to your occasion .  This simply means that these net sarees can be shifted to party look to a family function look just through its different wearing styles . These sarees look outstanding if accompanied by velvet blouse for party look . red,black,orange or any other loud colour are highly demanded now a days . They are made through lots of hard work and delicately designed for beautiful ladies .

4 Cotton sarees –

Cotton sarees are most common sarees among ladies because of there comfort and easy to carry in hot summer days behaviour . These sarees are specially designed for daily wear as it is made up of super comfy cotton cloth . They are also  designed for different functions we know that they gives us relief from the hot weather but they  are also designed for some royal look such as printed cotton sarees , sarees with broad lace etc . it is a good option to look good in specific budget .

Lengha –

This is second most popular traditional dresses among ladies .Lengha is basically a combination of 3 piece of cloth that it unlike saree it contains a long designed skirt tied on waist , a matching blouse with skirt that is equally beautiful and a piece of clothes called dupataa . It is a great idea to choose lengha as your wedding dress as well . There are many designer lengha made overall world and have tons of varieties .

Lets have a look on the most trending lenghas today –

1 mirror lengha –

Mirror lengha is most trending type of lengha . It mostly presents its beauty with rich colors . This lengha looks very pretty when accompanied with dori in dupatta and a boundary line in dupatta with beautiful embroidery of mirror . This outfit can be carried with very decent coloured block heels and for the final touch to carry a small hand accessories that will definitely  add stars on the fit . Differently designed blouses can be combines but the best would be the resham deep neck blouse .

2 jacket lengha –

Jacket or the shrug lengha is on the top searches as this lengha has the power to snatch the attention . Basically in this outfit the dupatta is replaced by a long jacket or shrug . This lengha can be undoubtedly worn on any event . This look gives traditional as well as western feel at the same time . Generally this is popular among young girls . This outfit contains a extra long shrug or jacket for completion of the look . Futher it has crop top to wear under the jacket . Many different prints and choices are available in this outfit.

3 Tube top lengha –

Tube top lengha can prove to be the best ever outfit you brought for yourself . This outfit would definitely make you look like a celeb. You can take dupataa with the tube top or else can also accompany it with a net shrug instead of a dupatta . A choker ( heavy or light as per the occasion ) would absolutely take you to another world . This is highly recommended for the parties planned to attend . Many different designs are waiting for you to look bold and beautiful at the same time .

4 Broad flared lengha-

Broad flared lengha is the outfit you can pick for yourself for the next close event planned . This would prove the heart melting outfit cause it would make you look super beautiful especially when dupatta is carried around hands . It literally make you feel like a barbie doll . The flared skirt contains many layers to make it look fluffy and very beautiful . Different styles and choices are available as per your own personal choice .

Gown –

It is basically originated from the western culture but could be worn in any special occasion . This attire is usually worn by a bride during her wedding ceremony . it is a long flowing dress covering upper and lower part in single attached dress . This dress too comes out to be one of the best outfit . This dress is suggested in events that is formal in nature . There are endless gown collection for each and every occasion .

All kind of shades brings out smashing look whether it is loud colours , faded rich colours or gliterry shades all gives a beautiful look . Now, as already read there are endless gown collection everywhere .

Lets discuss some of the craziest gown designs –

1 strapless gown

This kind of gown would be perfect for the evening parties . This outfit looks bold and beautiful at the same time . Strapless gown usually have a cute, fluffy skirt flowing but as per your choice it too could definitely vary . The best companion ever with white or faded colours would be with tiara ( some flowery hair accessories ) .

2 asymmetrical gown

An asymmetrical gown have some nice neck designs and lower skirt have asymmetrical cuts . There can be different designs for this asymmetrical skirt too like some are short from front and long from backwards where as some are short from front -back and long from sides . This outfit could comes out with the  better look with loose curly funky hairs . Many more different styles are available that could be seen too .

3 Halter neck gown

The combination of halter neck and gown is like dream comes true . It looks extremely decent and wonderful . The outfit could be turned more cute if the above part of the skirt is well designed into a net piece . As the halter neck is the most important and beautiful part of the outfit then it should be combined with a cute decorated bun . It would definitely a right choice for your special occasions .

4 morning gowns

These are gowns for the day wear as these are very comfy and could be easily carried all day . These comes in different pretty summer prints  . Morning gowns are mostly made up of cotton . These are not to wear occasionally but for the casual wear . this would help you to enhance your everyday experience . thus, proves to be the best for the married young women .

Salwar suits and kurties

Salwar suits and kurties are two different outfits. Salwar suits are the combination of a legging\plazzo\skirt or a patiala salwar , a upper kamiz ( long top ) and a dupatta . whereas kurties are just a long top rest the leggings can be replaced with the jeans or some other matching lower and dupatta are optional .

These salwar suits and kurta looks simply pretty. It is basically an Indian outfit . salwar suits are famous in Punjab ( India ) and are originated from mughals ( when they used to rule over India years ago ) . suits are not that much famous all over world but are truly loved all over India . it gives a gorgeous look and women looks completely different and decent as well . This also kind of represents the traditions and customs of Indian ladies .

Lets have some look over different styles of salwar suits and kurties –

  1. Straight kurta –

This straight cut salwar suit represents the beauty and innocence of women . It is used for daily wear . it comes out in many different prints and styles . they are usually made with cotton cloth for comfort . Mostly the length of the kurties are till knee or 4-5 inches longer both look pretty . It comes in different designs and bright colours . it is good option for the house wives to wear at daily basis .

2 Punjabi salwar

suit –

It  basically represents the typical punjabi style . The leggings in the outfit is replaced with the fuller salwar that is what make it look different from other suits . the above kameez is comparatively shorter . Further to make it look a complete punjabi style , girl should definitely combine it with paranda ( a duplicate long hairs to make a long plait ) . A punjabi jutti ( footwear ) can be worn to finish the look .

3 Anarkali suit –

This is one of the most beautiful suit ever designed . The pattern of this suit is very old as already told from the mughals era . the upper portion of the suit is fitted and from the waist the skirt kind cloth is flowed which is the main concern of the suit. It further comes up with different neck designs and looks wonderful . The flares of the anarkali suit is the main beauty so it could look more best if it has more flares . Futher it have many designs to outshine your beauty .

4 Front slit salwar suit

This kind of suits are specially designed to wear occasionally . The embroidery work brings out the grace of the outfit . the bottoms can be the chudidars or plazoos can also be combined ( mostly with cotton suits ) . These are mostly with the full net sleeves . This would be best chance for you to add on the confidence to your personality . many differently designed wears can be combined as it is the most flexible out .You can carry it according to your personal choice .

You would definitely look good at any of the above outfits if you carry them with confidence and that spark on your face that you feel proud on your fits . you are best no matters what age , size , colour you have . What matters more is your faith on yourself ..

Thank you 🙂


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