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latest heels ideas for women

Latest Heels Ideas For Women 2021 । 12+Heels for girls in India

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Footwear is something that takes your overall look to another level. So, today we will know more about the latest heels ideas for women 2021. Well, every footwear has its own importance and appearance. Every particular event or occasion has its own footwear trend.  

Heels are one of the most famous and cool-looking footwear among ladies and girls. Heels are that trendy footwear that is slightly upwards from the heel area. These help to make you look super elegant and classy. I advise you to show off their beauty in some official /formal events. There are tons of designs and types of heels are available. Many times these make us confuse and embrace us in front of others if we lag somewhere in knowing their names. It is definitely much better to make yourself aware and know about the trend.

Come on let’s get into the whole new world of heels.

1. Wedge heels-

As the name suggests the wedge heels are heels that have shapes that are thicker from one side and thinner from the other. These heels are one of the most selling product because it makes you feel of wearing heels and at the same time make you feel comfortable. These are perfect for the girls or ladies who are thinking of wearing heels for the first time. It will make you confident and won’t embrace you at all. This heel is something that you can combine with any outfit or can wear it in any event. These wedges act as a lifesaver for all the girls as they are super comfortable and relax your foot. Countless designs are available which includes different colors, material and prints. Wedges prove to be super comfy for cute ladies.

2. Slingback heels –

These are super stylish heels that are actually trendy due to their style. It looks very pretty once worn. These heels do not have a fixed size. All sizes of heels are available whether short, medium, or high. These can be combined with any event like for the formal ones you can choose the shorter shiny black colored heels (combine with the blazer or skirt) or for the wedding occasions you can carry the higher heels with some floral prints. These sling-back heels are mostly mixed up with wedge heels. This is the most common combination. These heels are super flexible and are available in large varieties of designs. So, you can choose your favorite designs as per your personal choice.

3. comma heels –

Comma heels are one of the most uncommon types of heels. The heel of this heel is actually of the shape of a comma ( ,). You might be reading it for the first time that’s why I said earlier that it is the most uncommon kind of heel. These heels are mostly seen in the lower height. Specific colors are suited to these that are black, grey, baby pink faded black, etc. as the rare heels are seen in limited colors but they are absolutely amazing. Adding these cute and unique heels to your collection would be an amazing option. If you are the one who loves to be the odd one out or don’t want to be in the crowd then in this case you should definitely choose this.

4. Thigh high boot with heels

Thigh-high boots are highly trending as they look absolutely amazing. These loots are extended towards your thighs and the zip is attached to close it. With these boots heels are commonly attached to make it super cool. These boots look perfect when combined with denim shorts, a mini skirt, or some cute slim-fit short dress. These boots are highly in demand because of their style which is so unique. Many shades are available but the most common are black and brown. The material also differs some are made of leather, some are of cloth material, etc. At least one pair of thigh-high boots are essential.

5. High block heels –

 The heels of these are wider than others and this makes it unique and gives a bolder look. These are very pretty heels. These heels are also attached with ankle boots which are super nice. These block heels are in trend for the past year. There are many shades, designs, and prints available. It makes your balance and won’t embrace you in front of anyone. Whether you are heels friendly or not it will still become your best friend. The combination of these heels looks fantastic with denim shorts, pencil skirts, or some other dresses. The shiny black shoes with block heels are trending number one for the past many months. The most common design of block heels with shoes is the front line with artificial laces. Overall it is perfect for a girl to wear it at the party or get together

6. Very high heels –

As the name suggests these are the heels that are extra high. Very high heels are usually of thin shape. Those girls who are new to wear heels should avoid wearing them. Initially, they can wear the heels with lower height than can continue wearing these heels. For making a perfect balance the platform is raised from the front. Due to this property, it also helps in making your foot comfortable. It provides support for a comfortable position. These heels look very beautiful with dresses and suits.

7. Kitten heels –

Kitten heels are those heels that have lower heights. These heels are perfect for an office walk. If you are uncomfortable in high heels then these are made for you. Many differently styled kitten heels are available like kitten heels in slingbacks, kitten heels in boot style, kitten heels in open from the front, etc. All these styles are for different events. You can choose your best option as per your own personal preference. As the name( kitten heels) their appearance is also very cute.

8. Medium heels –

As the name tells the heels of these heels are medium in size. Thus, it is neither very high nor very low. These heels are actually specially designed for college girls to flaunt their perfect walk there. It does not put lots of strain on the feet and helps to maintain your posture. You can wear them and enhance your walk. This helps you to know your perfect walk and make you an expert in that. These have many different types of styles for example- medium-sized block heels, medium-sized thin heels, etc. Medium heels are also known as everyday heights.

9. Flare heels –

These are very special kinds of heels as they are totally opposite of other normal heels. let me explain – normally the heels have a wider base and slim bottom but in this case, it is totally opposite its base is slimmer than the bottom. It simply resembles flare jeans. The discovery of these heels is from the 70s period but the trend came back with a surprise. There are many shapes and designs available in these heels. They are most famous for their sandal look.

10. Slim heels –

As its name, these heels are slimmer than the normal ones. The slim heels are available in the short, mid, and higher heights but the medium heel is most trending. These are the heels which are for party wear. Unlimited designs are there in this kind of heels. These are mostly welcomed in some funky color combinations. These are best for party nights. The velvet cloth covering these heels is trending number one. These heels are mostly uncovered and flaunt your beautiful foot at the same time.

11. Cone heels –

Cone heels are heels that have cone-shaped heels. These heels are common with ankle boots. Due to its thicker heel, it makes your walk much more comfortable. These heels come in various heights and mostly with different shoes. The cone heels are in trend due to their transparent heels. The glasses look of these heels takes it to another level. You can wear the cone heels every day due to their comfortable posture. The velvet cloth wrapping in black and blue looks very cool. Otherwise, we can also wear these heels with our formal dresses.

12. Lace-up heels –

Lace-up heels are the heels that have the lace revolving upwards and tied at the end. There are different kinds of laces like some are thick and short whereas some are thin and long. Some end up at the knees and some till two inches above the ankle only. These heels too flaunt your legs and give a very attractive look. These are not newcomers but absolutely look amazing till now also. You can choose the color according to your party dress. The most common color in these lace-up heels is black color. The block heels, pencil heels, and medium heels are the heels that are with the combination of this lace-up design.

13. Chunky heels-

Chunky heels are the most beautiful heels which one can ever have. Chunky heels are made with the thought to make it super comfy. These heels are raised from the front and have a block heel for making a perfect balance. Heels with a combination of studs look fantastic and give you ready-for-party looks. As usual black is the most common color of this type too. But every color has its own charm and you can definitely pick any of them to combine with your outfit.

There are many more different kinds of heels but broadly these are the main and I think are from the essentials that everyone should know. Before choosing any heel you have to make sure that you are really ready to carry them or not. Above all the most important thing is that you have to make a wise choice in which you are comfortable.

Thank you 🙂

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