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Types of neckline/ Latest neckline designs

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There are many different types of neckline trending nowadays. It will be absolutely unfair if you remain unaware of them. The most important fact is that the main thing that makes one dress different from the other is its neckline. Before shopping or picking up any piece you consider points in your mind that may include the length of the dress, colors, events (for which you are selecting the outfit) but the most important factor is the neckline that everyone considers. It is said that the neckline changes the whole outfit’s motive. Different occasions ask for different designs of necklines. I feel it’s somewhere or a moral duty to follow the trend.

Following are some most special necklines for special events that you should know.

1.Cage neckline-

The cage neckline is one of the most beautiful necklines that is best for some get-together. These necklines show off your neck region. The cage neckline is mostly in sleeveless dresses. The dresses or tops with this beautiful neckline do not need any neckpiece to wear as the neck is already covered from the design of this cage-like structure. There are many different kinds of cage-like designs like some are wider and some are comparatively thinner. You can select any for your best day.

types of neckline

2. Off-shoulder neckline

There are very pretty necklines. It simply has a neckline that is off-shoulder. These necklines flaunt your neck region and shoulders. You can wear dresses or top of these necklines on any day of the outing. These are best for tours and travels as they look pretty as well as are comfortable also. White-colored off-shoulder tops with denim shorts are trending at their peak. wearing a choker with this neckline is very common. Off-shoulder party wear dresses are also available. Long dresses, gowns, and even suits also have this neckline.

types of neckline

3. Square neckline

Square necklines are those necklines that simply make a square that is also attached with sleeves. Square necklines make you look very simple and attractive at the same time. The most common and trending design in this neckline is a plain black top with full sleeves. You can wear them formally too with a pencil skirt or pants.

types of neckline

4. One-shoulder neckline

As the name suggests one-shoulder neckline covers just one shoulder and lefts another shoulder as it is. This design is basically designed for party wear. The fitted top with one full sleeve and the other remaining as it is the most trending in this neckline. These necklines flaunt your shoulders and help to make your posture look perfect. You can wear the one-shoulder neckline top with the bell-bottom jeans or pants. You can also wear some neckpieces like a choker with this neckline.

types of neckline

5.Straight neckline-

The straight neckline is a very simple and sober neckline. It is simply the straight cut and is mostly with a spaghetti strap or are strapless. Tube tops are the most trending tops with this neckline. The straight neckline flaunts your shoulders and neck region. It gives you a very attractive look.

6.Sweetheart neckline-

These necklines are mostly strapless and are most trending in wedding gowns, party wears dresses, etc. Moreover, many tops are also designed in this neckline. Sweetheart neckline as the name suggests in the shape of a heart and looks very pretty. It also provides you a chance to wear some neck accessories. There are many neckpieces that we can combine with it.

types of neckline

7.Wrap neckline-

These wrap necklines are a combination of simplicity and casualness. These wrap neckline dresses or tops are mostly deep neck but many are in normal V cut also. We can wear these tops with any high waist jeans or with a mini skirt. These tops are the most satisfying when we want to wear some casual look on some normal day. There are unlimited prints in these wrap-style tops and dresses. You won’t regret wearing them at all.

types of neckline

8.Cowl neckline-

The cowl neckline is the neckline that has some extra cloth from the front side and that falls downwards. It is a very common type of neckline and gives you a confident look. There are many different designer dresses that are made with different cloth materials with this cowl neckline. The shiny dresses and tops with cowl necklines are perfect for party wear.

types of neckline

9.Illusion neckline-

It is the prettiest neckline as its neck and shoulder region is completely covered with the net. It gives you an elegant look. Mostly the neck design of the wedding gowns is in this neckline style. These do not require any neckpieces. These simply look very beautiful and attractive. These become an eye-catcher in the party and are the perfect choice for your best party day.

types of neckline

10.Boat neckline –

The boat neckline is the neckline that resembles the boat. It gives exposure to your collarbone. The boat neckline is very common in the blouse of the sarees. Many more dresses like sarees, suits are with the combination of boat necklines. The boat neckline is the same from front and back.

types of neckline

11.Turtle neckline-

The turtle neck is the neckline that is somewhat like a high neck. It is very common and trending in the fall season. Many woolen tops are with the combination of this turtle neck. The turtle neckline is recently also trending for its grace with the tight fit top( completely net ) accompanied with spaghetti underneath. Turtle neck sandos are also in trend. You can wear them casually on any good day.

12.Halter neckline –

Halter neck is kind of turtle neck but not completely. The halter neckline has a deep cut near the shoulders so they flaunt your shoulders more than anything else. This neckline is the best for everyday wear. You can also pick some decent-looking halter neckline top for your office wear. There are tons of designs available in this neckline.

types of neckline

13.semi sweetheart neckline –

It is one of the cutest necklines that is a kind of sweetheart neckline but this is not completely like that. The shape of the semi-sweetheart neckline is comparatively smaller than the sweetheart neckline. This neckline also gives you a perfect look for the eve.

14. Portrait neckline-

Portrait neckline is the neckline that is partially off the shoulder. It is a kind of off-shoulder top but not completely. The top finishes its end line just at the point where our shoulders start. Overall it gives a graceful outfit. Secondly, the combination of the portrait neckline sets perfectly with full sleeves. proves to be your best friend when you choose to be different.

types of neckline

15.Scoop neckline-

Scoop neckline is the neckline that is basically a deep u shaped neckline. Mostly the combination of the scoop neckline is with the sleeveless tops. The main beauty of this top goes with the best posture that it provides. These are mostly with the sports look as it is designed for girls who like dance and Zumba. It is best because of its comfortable wear.

16. plunging neckline-

A plunging neckline is a kind of neckline that is deep v in shape. It is quite a revealing outfit. These are best for the night eve. Many designers dress full dresses, gowns, and many other dresses too. They look super attractive.

17. Peter pan collar-

Peter pan collar is the neckline that actually looks like a collar. These are the combination of casual and formal. We can also wear them formally due to the collar giving the formal look and because of the cutest t-shirts they can be worn casually also. Overall it outlays a brilliant combo.

types of neckline

18. Wedding band neckline-

The wedding band neckline is the neckline that is very unique. That is it has an inbuilt choker in it. It means that it is round over the neck and the rest has the v shape falling down. It absolutely gives you a formal look and you can wear it with a skirt or pants on your normal office day. It does not ask for any neckpieces. It can be combined with earrings.

19. Halter strap-

As halter neckline, it is in the same pattern but instead of the cloth piece, it has straps that are revolved near the neck and are tied at the back. We can say that it is the new form of the halter neck. It is quite more revealing than a simple halter neck. Another thing is that as the neck region is left uncovered so we can combine the neckpiece also unlike in halter neckline.

20. U neckline-

It is the most common neckline that everyone wears on daily basis. These u necklines are very comfortable as they are generally with the combination with cotton t-shirts. Due to this property, it makes it very common. You can choose any bottoms with them cotton shorts, Denim shorts, pants jeans, plazo, etc. The most trending u neckline item is the oversized cotton t-shirts.

types of neckline

Broadly these all are more than enough in the field of classification of the necklines. These all are the most trending and most common necklines that everyone should know especially girls. You can definitely choose any of the above-mentioned neckline tops or dresses to outshine your beauty. I hope I made myself clear.

Thank you 🙂

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