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Eye makeup | eye makeup tricks you must know

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The eye makeup tricks that are latest mentioned here make your eyes appear larger and beautiful. Girls should find out these eyes makeup that is trendy strategies. These eye makeup methods are simple, effective, and quick in making your eyes alluring.


The crease and contour method of attention makeup utilizes the results regarding the light as well as the dark. The main portions for the eyelids should have an eyeshadow that is light. Just a little color that is dark be observed in the outermost sides of your eyes.

  1. Apply light-colored, matte eyeshadow matching your skin tone on the top eyelid. This matte shadow is the eyeshadow that is basic. The darker color should be utilized on the crease and must be blended really.

2. To discover the crease, near your eyes, and touch your eyelid to find the deep hollow indent on the top section of your eyelid. This hollow indent on the eyelid may be the crease. The dark shade would be employed to determine the crease.

3. Dark color should be employed from the crease when the eyes are open. Otherwise, the shading on your own crease shall not appear prominently.

4. contour and crease eye makeup tricks create your eyes appear larger and appealing.

5. begin coating your top eyelid, very near the lash-line close to the roots utilizing an eyeliner pencil that is black.

6. Smudge the outer one-third part of eyeliner pigment in the upper lash-line upwards and outwards

7. Then, use the eye that is black to line/ tone the most truly effective crease through the exterior part of the upper eyelid towards the internal corner upwards, only till one-third, ending much far from your nostrils.

8.  Smudge and blend this length that is one-third top crease range utilizing an eyeshadow sponge applicator brush. Blend this crease range outward and up.

9. When mixed precisely, the dark, smudged, contoured, top eyelid location would look like a little, sideways.

10.  Similarly, line the reduced lash-line with all the black eyeliner pencil till halfway only and preventing from the nose. Now, smudge the lower range because of the sponge applicator outward and downward. Eyes will today appear spacious and bigger in dimension.

11. The hint of a black that is little makes the eyes appear better. Proper blending and smudging are essential for successful creasing and contouring.

12. the depth that is adding dimension to the outer part of your eyes will make all of them appear bigger. This really is one of several most readily useful eye makeup tips.

2) EYE MAKEUP TRICKS: The dotted bottom eyeliner-

  1. For a more simple and natural appearance, the dotted bottom attention liner technique can be used. This method additionally tends to make your eyes appear bigger. This method involves the splitting up of your bottom eye-liner line.

2. Taking into consideration the shape and size of one’s eyes, you ought to draw four to seven dots with an eye that is soft, below your reduced lash line. Eliminate dots that are drawing close to the inner corners of one’s eyes. Draw the dots lightly along with your eyes open.

Wear thick eyeliner and mascara to fit this base eyeliner appearance.


You can make use of eyeliner pencils for the latest ombre impact. This might be also one of the most eyes that is recent tricks.

1. For this gradient eyeliner effect, choose 3 eyeliner colors from the same color family- a light, a medium, and a shade that is dark.

2. Line your upper or reduced lash-line using these 3 eyeliner pencils.

3.  When you are lining your upper lash-line, use the light color of eyeliner pencil to line only length that is one-third starting from the internal corner towards the outer. Then end.

4.  today, without any spaces, continue drawing the line because of the shade that is medium till one-third at the center.

5. likewise, carry on and complete drawing the finish one-third range with all the darkest tones of eyeliner pencil and increase the wing a little outside and upward.

6. With an eye that is soft, utilizing a light stroke, gently brush the three-shade horizontal range as soon as for mixing. Do not over-blend to form a single color range. The gradient eyeliner impact must be noticeable.


From Blue color household, you can use icy blue [light], turquoise blue [medium], and darkest teal[dark] that is blue.

You can choose light gray, medium gray, and black if you are using shades from the black color family.


White Eyeliner is employed to help make the optical eyes brighter and bigger. It is one of the most eyes that is famous tips. You ought to hold your reduced attention lid down together with your finger, and eyeliner that is applied white the waterline, to line the inner rim of this eye. Water lining the eyes with white eyeliner tends to make them look big.

Next, draw a little internal form with the white eyeliner, from the epidermis associated with the inner place of both eyes, near the nose or tear duct area, and smudge it with your hand to blend really. This highlighting attention makeup products strategy will enhance the internal sides of the eyes in order to make them appear bigger.

These strategies of eye makeup are some of the most useful techniques to enhance your eyes.

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